Psychiatry and Medication Management to fit your life.

At Psychiatric Services of New Mexico, our goal is to work with you to achieve mental clarity and balance. Whether you are needing someone to talk to or navigating medication needs, we are here to help. We also work with non-prescribing clinicians and therapists to provide medication management to their clients. 

We believe that everyone’s needs are different, and don’t subscribe to “one size fits all”  which is why we not only use the therapeutic approach that will best meet your needs, we have also opted to provide self-pay services and do not work directly with insurance providers. Insurance limits how much care you can get, the type of are you can get, as well as our ability to provide you best in class service.

We offer competitive rates and work with our clients based on their financial capabilities; even if we can’t help, we will help direct you to someone who can meet your needs. We hope to make this challenging time for you as streamlined and painless as possible.

We want to change the way people view mental health, going beyond simply learning coping skills and putting out the fire of the week, to understanding who you are, how you perceive the world, and how you can learn to fully embrace and live the life you want to live.

We believe that we can learn from each of our clients and that they come to us with specific and unique experiences, challenges, and strengths. We personalize our therapeutic approaches to meet the needs of each of our clients and believe whole-heartedly in the power of the therapeutic relationship. We value the worth of all humans, which means we proudly serve people in New Mexico of all cultures, races, sexual orientations, gender identifications, bodies, abilities, religions, and political affiliations. You are welcome here.

Providing excellence in mental health care through integrative and evidence-based treatments.

Dr. Phil Rountree, MD, PsyD, MP

Prescriber, Therapist, and Founder of Psychiatric Services of New Mexico

Providing therapeutic and psychiatric services via telehealth to New Mexico residents. Dr. Rountree specializes in medication management and evidence-based therapy.

Originally from Texas, Phil completed his BA in psychology at Texas Tech University. Phil then followed his passion of integrating mind and body, completing his MD in medicine. He continued his studies to complete a doctorate in clinical psychology, PsyD, and then later an MSCP, a postdoctoral masters degree in psychopharmacology to incorporate a balance between medication, therapy, health and wellness, He strives to cultivate long-term success, growth, and development for individuals. Dr. Rountree is also verified in Psychology Today and Good Therapy.