Therapy and Medication Services

Sometimes we just need support for those rough periods in life. Transitions and challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and child, marriage & family issues are becoming more common in our changing and chaotic world. Our ways of coping with these obstacles are all unique and need a personalized approach for lasting change. Whether you are in need of a medication prescription or someone to talk through life with, we are here to help. 

Talk Therapy

Helping you undergo a process of change in which you learn new coping skills and achieve understanding, acceptance, healing and growth.


Psychiatric and medication management services. Evaluation to determine a diagnosis and receive medication to address mental health needs.

"I have always been afraid to try medication, however Dr. Rountree made me feel comfortable and at ease. My life is forever changed and I owe it to taking the first step toward wellness with Psychiatric Services of New Mexico. Thank you!"
Hannah S.